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Fantasy Football Lessons 2/5: Get A Leg Up On The ‘Onesie’ Positions

Updated: Feb 20

Leave your draft with either an elite TE or a rushing QB, or preferably both. If somehow you miss on either of them – trade for them ASAP.

For the sake of this discussion, I’ll try and keep this to a normal redraft league format of 1 QB and 1 TE (no TE premium). I also will leave the defense and the kicker out of here, although team DST may get a shout-out a bit later on.

In 2019 I drafted Lamar Jackson in the 11th round and Darren Waller with my final pick in the 15th. Having so much leverage at both positions, it became increasingly harder for me to lose my advantage on a weekly basis. Even if my early RBs or WRs didn’t hit, there were so many options at RB and WR (on the wire or via trade) that I felt comfortable sometimes waiting until the last moment to select a few starters. As you can probably tell, I walked my way to a championship ring that year.

2020 may have been the classic example of not taking the time to learn the lesson from the previous year i.e RUSHING QBs ARE KING! I left this draft with Matt Ryan and TJ Hockenson. OK, Hock balled out that year and finished TE5, however, Matt Ryan had a ‘meh’ kind of season and it didn’t matter too much as I decided to stream the position that year as he has zero rushing upside capping his weekly ceilings.

Despite a strong finish, I lost in the semi-final that year. Moving on to this season, I took Travis Kelce in the first and Jalen Hurts in the 8th round. I regained my crown and I put it down to having a rushing QB that I didn’t draft early (the same for Lamar in 2019).

Too many times I have heard that waiting on QB or TE is the best strategy as there are so many of them to choose from later on in the draft. Say that to the person who was streaming Cole Kmet or Gerald Everett in the final this year over Kelce or Andrews! For savvy fantasy players, a combination of an elite TE and a rushing QB may well be worth paying up for in the draft or early-season trade - especially if you believe you have enough skill and knowledge to be able to find the gems at RB and WR, given their depth, over your rivals. That said, those who drafted Darren Waller this year may have a completely different take on this.

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