• Antonio Carnevale (LightsOut7)

Fantasy Football Lessons 3/5: Hero RB All The Way

Draft one stud RB and continue to pick up back up running backs throughout each of the fantasy weeks.

I have probably exhausted every known draft strategy over the years. Usually, in your typical standard 1QB league with 2RBs, 2WRs, etc I go heavy RB early. After this year I am convinced that I will be drafting 1 RB early and then not touching the position until later in drafts, forevermore. Bold words I know.

There are a lot of tasty pass catchers and QBs in the early rounds that will help with the urge to draft another RB. Obviously seeing McCaffrey and Henry go down to injury helps the thinking to limit your early picks to one RB over two to limit the risk, and the injury risk has always been higher for RB. Seeing Rashaad Penny, Boston Scott, and Elijah Mitchell in the top 10 for running backs in Championship Week really hits this home hard.

The biggest lesson I have learned this year is to pick up as many backup RBs as you can. Not only though out the season, but throughout each fantasy week. There is nothing stopping me from picking up the backup for the starting RB on the Thursday game and then dropping them on Friday for the Saturday game for example should an injury/covid not occur. Then doing the same for the early game on Sunday and so on. The more transactions involving RBs, increase your chance of landing one of these top 10 at the end. Certainly, those who ended up with Ronald Jones would disagree with all of this.

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