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Fantasy Football Lessons 4/5: Focus On Scoring Points And Not On Your Opponent’s Team

Focus on your own team, rather than starting a player specifically to counter an opposing player.

When it comes down to the semi-final or final, fantasy players really start on the matchup (and rightly so). Who doesn’t look at the infamous fantasy score predictions? This lesson is to not be let any decisions be swayed because of what your opponents have locked into their line-up. You could obviously use this lesson throughout the entire season; however, it seems even more appropriate in the semi-final or the championship game.

Again, I will reference my championship game to describe the mistake I made that nearly cost me the title! I picked up Isaiah McKensie for my final flex spot in week 16 given his performance in week 15, the fact that Buffalo had Atlanta on the last game of the season and Beasley/Davis both ruled out with covid the week before. Then the NFL changed the rules for unvaccinated players halfway through the week and Davis and Beasley were back. My opponent had Josh Allen. I dropped McKenzie and grabbed Davis on the news that Sanders was LTD/DNP all week. My decision was now between Mooney, Foreman, and Gabe Davis. You can see where I’m going with this...

I should have gone away from Davis for either of the other two because of the fact that the opponent had a rushing QB and it would be a double whammy if he ran it in instead of throwing it to Gabe. Well – It happened twice. Not only that, but he could also have thrown it to Diggs, Beasley, or Knox resulting in a similar scoring split between us.

The same can be said for players playing a defense. You never actually know which way it could swing so it would be better off focussing on the fact that foreman was starting RB on a home team favourite, who was top 5 in time of possession. Or a piece of an offense playing at home with a QB that he has had previous rapport with, vs the giants who were bottom 5 in ToP, and now had Mike Glennon as their QB.

I didn’t even mention the weather in Buffalo. Mooney and Foreman were the plays over Gabe Davis, and I thought if I could have a piece of Josh Allen’s points it would really sting my opponent. I got lucky, but I learned my lesson.

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