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Fantasy Football Lessons: Bonus!

Hopefully the last 5 articles have given you a taste of some of my lessons over the past year. As I alluded to earlier, my lessons will be (and should be) very different to yours. It’s what has made our fantasy experiences unique for 2021. Other lessons I’ve learned in the past that may be helpful include:

  1. Pass-catching RBs have more upside. I would say that this is the case no matter what the format.

  2. Stacking works. If a WR or TE scores highly that week, then it is very likely that his QB will follow suit.

  3. Save some FAAB for the final push. Incredible how many teams run out of FAAB by mid-season missing the likes of Rashaad Penny, Amon-Ra St Brown, and not to mention the team defences (Bears) down the stretch. Which leads me nicely to….

  4. Stream defence no matter what. The right thing is to play matchups and attack weaker QBs. It is hard to sit the Chiefs for example having had such a great stretch getting you to the championship, but if you didn’t pivot off them in week 17 you were likely playing catchup from that onesie position.

  5. Bye a win via trade. This is more of trick that a lesson. Look at your schedule and try and trade a player with a bye week against an opponent in a certain week, for a player on his/her team that you know will destroy you in that matchup. I traded away Joe Mixon for David Montgomery one year straight up. I made it look like the other person was winning the trade, however 4 weeks later when we had our matchup, my opponent figured out what I did. Mixon was on his bench with a bye, and David Montgomery went nuclear vs the Eagles against him.

Happy offseason everyone! We can get through it together, don’t worry.

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